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Curated by Eric Hilton and John Shore

Photographer: John Shore

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Prints are available in 4 sizes ranging (in inches) from 8×10 to 20×30, with the exact dimensions depending on the photograph. Prices start at $14.95.  More info >>

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Since its mid-90s debut, DC’s Thievery Corporation has achieved enduring, worldwide popularity with its eclectic mix of culturally diverse sounds and styles, including elements of electronica, dub, reggae, Afro-beat, go-go, bossa nova, and acid jazz, as well as Indian classical and Middle Eastern music.

Initially known for abstract, instrumental, midtempo dance music, over a large number of studio and compilation albums Thievery’s music became increasingly political, reflecting their antiwar, pro-humanity stance in addition to their appreciation of all of the world’s cultures.

Popular Thievery albums include The Mirror Conspiracy (2000), The Richest Man in Babylon (2002), Radio Retaliation (2008), Saudade (2014), The Temple of I&I (2017), and Symphonik (2020).

Eric Hilton and Rob Garza
Co-Founders, Thievery Corporation

“Thievery Corporation concerts are joyous, shared experiences – filled with special moments like those captured so well by John Shore’s vibrant photography. Sadly, such moments disappeared when COVID-19 yanked live music, but luckily, we can reminisce together through this exhibit. I hope you’ll buy a print – a permanent memento – to help members of our community in need of food, shelter and our support.”

— Eric Hilton

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“I love photographing Thievery Corporation. There’s so much going on — numerous musicians, a wide range of musical styles, a wide range of energy — and yet the Thieves manage to weave them all into a unified experience that’s more than just a sequence of songs. I miss all of it — putting this exhibit together was a bittersweet reminder of why.

This show only covers 2010-2019, which is less than half of Thievery Corporations’s creative life, and certainly representative only of that period. That said, it’s a perfect follow-on to the Eighteenth Street Lounge show. Eric Hilton co-owned Eighteenth Street Lounge, and it was at ESL where he and Rob Garza co-founded Thievery Corporation in 1995. Moreover, numerous See-I band members that I photographed often at ESL also played regularly with Thievery!”

— John Shore


Mostly self-taught, John Shore began photographing live music seriously in 2009, shooting local bands in small local venues. Some of the internationally-known bands he’s shot regularly include Thievery Corporation, Gogol Bordello, and SOJA. When The Anthem opened in 2017, he became a principal house photographer, shooting over 100 artists there until COVID-19 hit. Visit John’s portfolio to see more of his live-music and other work.

John Shore, Photographer

John Shore photographing SOJA, Wolf Trap, 2019 / Photo by Jes Vegas


Thanks foremost to Eric Hilton, Rob Garza, and all the Thievery Corporation musicians and crew. These photos are a collaboration with them, just as this fundraising effort is a collaboration with them – the exhibit wouldn’t exist without their generous cooperation, support, and friendship; not to mention their photo-friendly forbearance!

Special thanks to Cory LLewen of Transmission Media for his generous help in many instrumental ways, and to Hilary Shore for this, our new website (it debuts with this exhibit).  For their advice and help in numerous ways, including portfolio reviews, thank you Çinar Akçin, Michael Atlan, Susan Bachurski, Victoria Ford, Rob Garza, Gail Griffith, Maggie Johnson, Patrick Jordan, Rob Myers, Joseph Rucker, Hilary Shore, and Liz Ward.


Buy a book or an archival-quality, mounted or unmounted print and we donate 100% of the net proceeds to charity. You’ll help support people who have been disproportionately hurt by the same pandemic that decimated the music scene.

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